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Is December Giving You the Blues?

Our area is beautiful in the spring and fall, but tends to be cold, dark, and dreary during the winter months. Do you lack energy and motivation? Has your mood been apathetic, depressive, or irritable? Has your sleep or appetite changed? These can be signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The good news is, SAD is treatable, and your mood and lifestyle can improve within merely weeks.

Also, December brings with it holiday stress. Most common is the hustle-bustle in getting everything done which can become overwhelming to those with Martha Stewart expectations or even those of the Griswolds. Other people struggle due to the loss of a loved one. They may be facing their first holidays following a death, divorce, or relocation that will change the way they celebrate and can lead to isolation and lonesomeness.

If December is getting you down this would be a great time to ask for help. Whether you be experiencing Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, struggling with feeling overwhelmed, or grieving a loss in your life. Call for an appointment today.


What Happy People Do Differently

What Happy People Do Differently

By Todd B Kashdan & Robert Biswas-Diener

  1. Feel curious and try something new every day
  2. Less analytical, detail oriented, or over-focused on performance/accomplishments
  3. Share in others joys & gains without envy by listening & celebrating the accomplishments of friends.
  4. Acknowledge negative emotions and then modify behavior, shift mental states, or tolerate the discomfort.
  5. Balance Pleasure & purpose by sacrificing short-term pleasures when there is a good opportunity to make progress toward what they aspire to become in life.
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