Client Testimonials

  • After years of negativity, I came to Susan in search of understanding my past. The buildup of negative events, experiences and thoughts left me in a place of emotional, physical and spiritual unrest that seemed would consume me entirely. After only a few short months, Susan and I together deconstructed long-standing negativity and unearthed unfavorable behavioral patterns. Susan encouraged me to understand myself and the events of my life from a new perspective. The new perceptions that Susan introduced to my past will allow me to experience a positive outlook on life. The techniques that Susan has taught me can -and will- be applied to the rest of my life experiences. I thank Susan for my newfound positivity, her unfaltering support and the lifelong understanding she has bestowed upon me.

  • Negative experiences of the past seemed to consume me. Unresolved emotions and thoughts left me emotionally restless, leading me to a constant and overwhelming negativity. Susan helped me to understand my experiences from perspectives different from my own, together we created a positive environment for my thoughts to flourish. Susan’s unwavering guidance and support has allowed for a newfound positivity within myself. After my time spent with Susan, I have uncovered the true path to my own physical, emotional and spiritual peace.

  • I would like to thank you for the time spent with me. Everything stated in my comments below are completely true and I feel that I owe my inner peace to you. Thank you. I will not hesitate to return to you and your guidance at any time in the future.

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